When I arrived in New York City by myself from Brazil at age 20, I had little money and no English but, an unflagging determination to search for the real meaning of the so called American dream.

I have always had a passion for knowledge and the confidence in my ability to connect with people, to serve as an asset and add value to any network.

For the first few years, I invested all the money I made in education, travel and opportunities to meet people. I faced financial difficulties and fear, I have to be honest, but the major principle was my eagerness to know the unknown and learn each day what I am capable of.

Today, I have built a beautiful family, a successful career with an international projection and a global network of friends.

  1. Know who I am to myself and to the world.
  2. Visualize daily what I want to achieve.
  3. Set objectives, independently from what people think.
  4. Act every day as if these objectives are within my reach .
  5. Be grateful daily for being healthy to take a step at a time.
  6. Be surrounded by people who motivate and inspire me.
  7. Understand that there is no perfection but rather a continuous search for better results.
  8. Never forget about my roots.
  9. Celebrate every achievement independently of their size or proportion.
  10. Always act ethically and with dignity above all circumstances.

At the end, the sum of all these factors result in a personal transformation process where you start fulfilling yourself daily in three areas os your life: personal, professional and spiritual – the fulfillment and balance of these three areas are to me, the meaning of success worldly know as the “American Dream.” How many people you know or admire who is able to balance these three areas?

Now, we know that the United States of America was founded based on principles with a strong foundation that encourages opportunities that allow people to develop themselves seeking their objectives. As the American national anthem describes “The land of the free and the home
of the brave”. However, I also believe that even in countries which does not necessarily supports the means for people to create such opportunities, there is still possibilities for people reach their own American Dream because, the real principle does not depend on the environment alone but in the attitude of each individual.

I decided to post this thought because I know there are many people out there that are capable of achieving objectives not yet imagined but, for any or many reasons are not motivated to do so. With that, my intent is to say that your American Dream is within the self and you have the opportunity to define its meaning.

For this, facing ourselves and our own fears is not an easy task but investing in yourself, answering fundamental questions of your past, present and vision of the future are steps that are totally under your control.

Start your personal transformation now and you will be amazed at how much you are capable of. What’s your definition of your own American Dream?

Gustavo Netto

“We should not
– James C. Hunter on The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership

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